CRADLE OF FILTH Show Off Their Artwork For “New” Album

Straight from Skulls n Bones:

Cradle Of Filth has revealed the cover artwork for their new orchestral album, “Midnight In The Labyrinth”, and you can check it out below. This album includes reinvented tracks from CRADLE OF FILTH‘s first four albums and includes choirs, strings and some narration. The release will hit stores on Record Store Day, April 21st, in participating countries and as a strictly limited-edition two-disc set of delectable magic in the rest of the world. Here’s more from the press release:

Taking the most requested tracks from the first four official releases, Cradle Of Filth have fulfilled audience desire by creating an album based on their most popular older tracks, but one that is delivered orchestrally to create a rich, haunting sonic landscape in the vein of soundtrack composers such as JERRY GOLDSMITH, DANNY ELFMAN and HANS ZIMMER.

Ten songs make up this 78 minute meisterwerk (including the addition of a thirteen minute exclusive aural séance on CD1), indulging such COF classics as ‘Funeral In Carpathia’, ‘The Twisted Nails Of Faith’ and ‘Summer Dying Fast’, which has already been showcased on last year’s Evermore Darkly EP to a more than rapturous audience response.

Check out the cover artwork below!

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