THE TIDE WILL TAKE US – A Slightly Different Take On Deathcore; New Album Coming Soon

Wasaga Beach, ON’s melodic deathcore band THE TIDE WILL TAKE US has announced it will be officially releasing its full-length album “Putrid Dynasty” produced by Jon Howard of Threat Signal and Bjorn “Speed” Strid of Soilwork on Tuesday, May 1st, 2012.

The album is the follow up to their self-titled 5-song debut EP, produced by Kent Sheehey (The Vegas Wake Up) and is a sonic fury that is immediately audible as it rips, pounds and rages through your ears. Song names like “Choke On Your Regret”, “Putrid Dynasty”, “Concubine Queen” and “Metastasize & Consume” demonstrate TTWTU‘s reach to the deepest, darkest abscesses of the listener’s brain before even a single note sounds and conjures grotesque imagery.

“When gearing up to record “Putrid Dynasty” we wanted to expand our sound, but also keep the same feel as our self-titled EP. Working with two professional musicians was quite the change, though, as it pushed us to write the best material we’ve written so far. It was a hard adjustment to make and was also very intimidating to work with Jon Howard, Canadian native and vocalist of Threat Signal, but just as rattling if not more to work with Björn “Speed” Strid of the Swedish Metalcore act Soilwork. We got to explore various tone options for drums, guitars and bass and the vocal tracking was extremely fun and experimental. We are very proud of our full-length album “Putrid Dynasty” and we are very excited for its May 2012 release,” commented TTWTU guitarist Mike Longeri.

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