Concert Review! HATE ETERNAL

Erik, J.J. and Jade set up and the two front men turn their backs to us and check their tuning (I’m guessing), making sure everything is ready for what is about to happen. The main lights dim and the stage is illuminated with a dark blue color. Erik gets the guitar to scream a little and he and J.J. turn around to begin the sudden slaughter. The sheer brutality and immense sound that comes from the band from here on out was absolutely amazing. This was my first time seeing Hate Eternal live and It was far more satisfying that I had hoped for.

The sound was absolutely breathtaking and true to how the albums sound. Jade’s drumming was impeccable and the performance on J.J.’s and Erik’s fretboard was very impressive. J.J.’s work on that bass guitar was mind blowing and he is incredibly over looked when it comes to talented bass guitarists and even vocals. I managed to talk to both Erik and J.J. briefly and it’s awesome how two genuinely nice guys can growl and scream and play such savage music. They play their music with intensity and precision, the band’s sound throughout the entire set was very tight and just massive. Not one note was fucked up (from what I could hear, I was headbanging quite a bit) and these guys play with a fierce fire in their hearts and it truly shows on stage.

Their stage presence is frankly scary for having no gimmicky costumes or paint on their faces. They are just 3 bad ass motherfuckers on stage kicking your ass with sound and flashing lights here n there. They just come out, play death metal n headbang and get the fuck off the stage. Sometimes between songs Erik and J.J. would turn their backs to us and just let their instruments ring out. I don’t know why that is so bad ass but it just was….it left you wanting more. You couldn’t wait for those two to turn back around and announce the next song. The anticipation they build is immense.

The highlights of the show for me was being right up front and personal. I hope they saw me screaming back and headbanging! Having Erik come over and play his guitar RIGHT in front of me was a highlight of the entire night. I even patted his arm during his beginning of “I, Monarch”, screaming “fuck yeah!!!” just about every time he came right up to me. Their set fucking ruled, playing new songs and old, they opened with “Victorious Reign” and kicked our asses with “Powers That Be”, “King of All Kings” and new songs such as “The Art of Redemption” & “Lake Ablaze”.

The energy, the fire that is on stage when Hate Eternal is performing is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before, it’s hard to imagine that only 3 guys can produce such an amazing wall of sound and put on such a great show. Bravo!! I’d see them again in a heart beat and I would definitely see them if I were you. Don’t hesitate: buy a ticket, buy a shirt and shake their hand. Enjoy the show!


Victorious Reign

Behold Jesus

Lake Ablaze

The Obscure Terror

Haunting Abound

The Art of Redemption

Praise of the Almighty

Thorns of Acacia

Phoenix Amongst The Ashes

Powers That Be

I, Monarch

King of All Kings

This video here is footage of the band performing their songs “Haunting Abound” and “The Art of Redemption”. It’s great footage but the audio quality came out to be quite horrible. I’m going to post the video for the up close and personal visuals. The actual show sounded WAY better than this video and I can’t stress that enough. So here is another video from that same show but by Grindstopher Productions. They managed to capture amazing footage of Hate Eternal playing “Lake Ablaze”. Enjoy!

Review, Photos & shitty video footage by Thomas Mergel – Headbang or GTFO

Lake Ablaze video by Grindstopher Productions

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