Concert Review – BATTLECROSS

Battlecross came to Kansas City and filled in for 2 bands that couldn’t finish the tour, they received a call late one night and packed their shit and left. Fuckin rock n roll! That’s metal as hell and not only did they do their part and come and finish the tour like a bunch of bad asses, they started off with Kansas City, MO. Lucky us because Battlecross came and kicked our fucking chests in. I don’t think any of us were ready for them. I’ve heard a song by them once and that was it so the band popped my cherry live and in person. Their sense of “bring it the fuck on”, metal riffing and most importantly, headbanging and rocking the fuck out, made the set entirely too much fun.

Their sound was impeccable, the lighting wasn’t spectacular or anything remotely special at all but they didn’t need anything more than just their amps and talent because that’s their main focus. They came and just ripped through their entire set so fast, playing song after song and leaving hardly anytime for anyone to catch a breather. Their sound is so good, guitars and bass were audible, drums were clear and vocals could have slightly been turned up but I was also standing right in front of the lead guitars amp, so that may have affected my hearing a bit.

The guys performed well, there were no fuck ups or accidents or any joking around. They played their axes, kit and sang with intensity and with heart. They were having fun but taking their craft very seriously. On stage these guys thrash about and headbang furiously, pushing their wall of sound and metal right onto the audience. It was such a sonic sound of frantic metal that I was instantly a fan, instantly won over. They “wowed” me one thousand times over.

Like I said, I was impressed. I was hooked…these guys need a headlining tour because they are that good. Very impressive musicians, very hard working gentlemen and also I got to meet a couple of them and they were genuinely good human beings. I want to thank the band for coming to Kansas City, especially on such short notice. I can’t wait to see them open for the Origin show!!! \w/

If Battlecross is coming to your town GO FUCKING SEE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review, Photos and Video by Thomas Mergel

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