Concert Review – TROGLODYTE

Feb. 29th, 2012 – The Beaumont Club – Gornography just left the stage and we all go about our business and wait for the next band to come out. Luckily, from one good band to the next, Troglodyte is coming up to kick our asses and drag us back to the swamp! Kansas City death metal titans Troglodyte waste no time and they get set up and go. In traditional Trog fashion, they just start ripping their fretboards up and the double bass and blasts from the kit are welcomed by the crowd. We liked what we heard, we liked what we saw. The lights stayed green, just how they prefer. The music was loud and crisp. The screams/growls & grunts were terrifying. Troglodyte was out to get you.

Troglodyte ripped through their set with intensity. They began, raped, then left us all dead in a ditch. I was outside between bands so I missed the main intro but walked in right when they started their first song “Bring Me the Head Of Bigfoot“. Right then, there was no turning back. Just to simply put it, nothing but barbaric attacks and infectious grooves happening on stage. Guitars and bass sounded good, vocals were clear and monstrous and the drums were severe trauma to the body. The only thing that was a little lack luster on stage was the singer, he seemed either tired or uninterested. He wasn’t going insane like I’ve seen before. Kinda just walking back n forth and going through the motions. Usually this motherfucker is jumping around, headbanging and going absolutely ape shit.

I did enjoy myself during their set, it’s always a good time seeing a band onstage wearing creepy masks playing some gnarly grungy death metal. Nothing was over the top or ultra exciting but they put on a good show.

Overall, performance and execution was all there. Trog’s set seemed short and the way they ended their set was anticlimactic. I don’t know if they just ran out of time or if they were just done. One cool thing though was their drummer, he is also the drummer for Gornography so he pulled a double duty that night. Their setlist contained some old Trog classics and some newer songs, from Boggy Sessions and some unreleased shit. The newest song, “Crippled Foot Cast“, has a really catchy Cannibal Corpse riff and I love that song. Troglodyte put on a good show, I’ve seen them play better. Hopefully next time they booze up or get amped before taking stage. Something to bring the beast out, because last night they were kinda tame.

Review and pictures by Thomas Mergel

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