Concert Review – GORNOGRAPHY

Feb 29th, 2012 at The Beaumont Club here in Kansas City, MO. Gornography technically wasn’t the first band to take the stage but they damn sure were the first band to get shit going. Gornography is a technical death metal band who are actually local and personally to me they are easily the top 3 metal acts in the Kansas City, MO area. This was my first time ever seeing the band perform live however, all previous enjoyment of the band has been through audio only.

Gornography kicked off their set with the song “Visions of Gore“, which is one of the first songs I heard from the band. The sound was loud, thick and heavy. From where I was standing, dead center and up front, I could hear the vocals pretty clearly, bass guitar was barely audible and guitars were a little faint. Drums were as clear as day though as Chris Wilson pounded on the kit faster than anyone in the entire Midwest. The lighting wasn’t anything particularly special because it’s an opening technical death grind band, they do not need gimmicks, weird lighting and bullshit like that. Gornography just comes out, fucks your face and leaves. The way I like it.

The band performed really well and the musicians are fucking phenomenal. Fletcher Kline’s guitar work, both rhythm and leads, are fucking insane. It’s like a cross between Origin, Cattle Decapitation and Vile. His execution and performance overall was impressive and he is pretty technical on that fretboard and makes it look so easy. Steven Babcock on lead vocals just tore it up. His growls during the set were fucking ballsy, roaring louder and deeper than a lion/bear hybrid monster. His attitude and ability to get people to move are unique, jumping around and being all over the place. One time jumping on the PA that wasn’t really meant for a adult male to jump on it, he fell backwards and recovered quickly and went right back to growling in the mic. I didn’t catch the name of the person who was covering bass duties for the band. Which sucks because he was an ultra talented performer, he rocked the shit out of that 5 string ESP and I noticed he was wearing a Fallujah shirt too, which is cool because that band flipped their van and couldn’t make it to the show that night.

Gornography does tech/death/grind really well and can put on one hell of a show. They take their set seriously, playing ultra heavy & fast metal and also making sure you fucking headbang. Some of their songs you just couldn’t help but headbang, their riff/drum combination is quite intoxicating. Mix in the dirty bass work and the layered death vocals and you have yourself an impressive group of people putting on a show that damn near stole the spotlight of the entire night.

In the end, my neck already hurt and I already was having a blast and there were still 4 bands left! Gornography are a massive force of energy and talent, creating one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while. They were fun, they were brutal, they were fucking killer. I was headbanging so fucking hard I accidentally bit a hole in my lip. They make you headbang like a maniac!


Visions of Gore

Homicidal Maniac

Leech Filled Cunt

Spinal Fuck Fest

Intoxicated Abortion

Vomitous Vaginal Anal


Pissing Blood

Saliva Soaked Shit

Contortions Of Guttural Mayhem

Lakes Of Blood

Review, pictures and video by Thomas Mergel

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