DEE SNIDER’S Daughter Is In A Band & She Is The Lead Vocalist; THEY ALL FLOAT

They All Float is not entirely bad. Harsh ocals sound a little throaty, like a frog trying to do them but they aren’t bad at all. Music sounds like a cross between hardcore/metalcore with a touch of Killswitch Engage’s melodic sense of the genres and the elegance of what In This Moment tries to capture. They All Float’s debut EP is alright for a new band, there is definitely room for improvement, I think they’ll find their way soon. However for now they need to focus on their own sound because blending a few influences from 7 years ago is rather boring. Also, the clean vocals are just off key and the harmony of both clean vocalists do not sound right at all. Stick to the harsh vocals, find your own style and run with it. This isn’t working and after one listen to the EP I’ve had enough.


4 thoughts on “DEE SNIDER’S Daughter Is In A Band & She Is The Lead Vocalist; THEY ALL FLOAT

  1. It really does suck to see things like this. I am not saying these kids shouldn’t be allowed to play music but they are all under the age of 17, their band has only been around since spring of last year and they are already playing warped tour??? Just goes to show if you fall from the right sack you don’t have to put in the time and effort to pave your way in the industry. I know this is not new news to anyone but it is just solidified by this. The lead singer is 14 maybe 15. I remember when i was in bands at that age we had crappy little demos and t shirts with sharpie written on them for merch yet these children seem to have all pro recording, photos and merch within a single year of becoming a band. They tried to tell me “we did this all ourselves with the help of management.” Well i am sure that a management company is going to pick up any 15 yr olds band who is of normal working calss standard. << sarcasm I am not ranting because i think my band deserves a foot in the door any more than any other local band, in fact there are a lot of bands from where i live that i would consider more technical and more talented. I am saying this because as we all know the industry is screwed up and people need to see the examples as they come. Thanks for reading and if you disagree you are probably a fan, friend or family member of the band and i will simply consider your opinion biased. Thank you for taking the time to read my bitching and please spread the word so hard working musicians stop going un noticed because kids happened to be related to a rock legend.

  2. They’re alright. I think the vocals are kinda thin and even a bit monotone. But they’re just starting out. Still, I don’t think they’re so spectacular right now that they should play warped tour. I’ve heard better and yeah it does suck when someone with more connections than talent gets somewhere while many too many brilliant musicians who start from the ground up go unnoticed. Chances are that 98% of the reason why such a new band is getting major attention is because of the singer’s father rather than it being because of the bands raw talent.

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