Album Review! Obolus – Lament EP

From the black depths of America hails a mysterious band with little known information about them. Obolus has recently released another EP entitled “Lament“, a follow up to last years 2 song demo release. The depressive black metal pouring from my speakers fills my soul with dread, despair and total fuckin misanthropy. That’s how you should feel while listening to this music. Vocals are barely understood and are desolate, guitars are heavily distorted and fuzzy, drums are intense with blast beats from hell and overall song writing, while not entirely original, is executed very very well. “Five tracks of misanthropic ritualistic blackness mixed with melancholic guitars” is one good way to put it.

“Desolation” starts off with gentle rainfall, ensuring the listener will be safe and that everything will be OK. 30 seconds in however the riffs come screaming and the double bass begins pumping, the music has begun. Ripping blasphemous riffs come forth like some unholy plague and the screams of torment reign down upon the listener all while blasts and crashes from the kit make it all seem too real and too much to handle. This is what to expect from the short but sweet Lament EP. Any true fan of black metal would fully appreciate what Obolus has done on this album.

Next up we have an interlude, for those of you who weren’t ready for that onslaught. “Reflection” is a spooky little piece, much quieter and serene than the previous song and from the rest of the album in fact. The song made me feel peaceful like I was close to death. It’s also just another reminder that what is to come is unsettling and merciless.

Hatred” is a chaotic song that is incredibly repetitive yet it works. It just fucking works, the vocals are as bleak as ever and you hardly know the song has truly begun by the time it’s even over. It ends so abruptly that it leaves you feeling empty inside. If they were trying to capture that emotion then they nailed it.

“Grievance” is the next track and the last track that is a full song. The music loops and fades in slowly and gently. Sort of like a deadly lullaby for almost 3 full minutes before the band comes rushing in for one last attempt to move you with force. The music is grim and cold, the vocals are haunting and full of anguish. The album ends with a title track, “Lament”, and it’s exactly what the word means. Lament is the soundtrack to sadness and woe. Obolus captures the dreadful feelings on this album perfectly. With excellent composition and execution, Obolus writes one of the most mournful and agonizing albums I’ve ever heard. This is a soundtrack to death, this is the soundtrack to your funeral.

With a band capturing this many true emotions in only 5 songs, it’s safe to say that I fucking love this album. Music that captures, shares and makes you feel that emotion; Whether it’s anger, anguish , happiness, rage or otherwise; is truly a remarkable band and geniuses at work. Obolus is definitely one depressive black metal band that makes you feel how they feel. The power of expression through music is incredible and this EP definitely is just that. I highly suggest listening to this album. You can get it here at their labels band camp.

This EP is a journey. The music is primal, raw and powerful. Obolus puts out an album that is good for the soul. This is influential and will make you think about life and death.

Pros: Remarkable music, truly makes you feel the music, incredibly written, this music will make you have emotional changes throughout listening

Cons: n/a

5 out of 5

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