Album Review: Crosses – EP ††

Crosses comes back with another EP for us all simply titled “EP ††” and it basically picks right back up from where EP † left off. While still wildly amazing like the first EP, it has a more soothing sexy ambiance about it that you would normally get from a Nine Inch Nails album. Chino’s vocal work is as always amazing as hell, music is moving and catchy and Chuck Doom’s low end bass work is fucking phenomenal. You cannot help but sing along, you cannot help but groove along to the beat and Crosses definitely makes you “feel” the music.

Fron†ier starts off the EP nice and easy. Beginning slow yet fierce at the same time, staying relatively calm until the chorus comes barreling in and the band just kicks it up a notch, then back down to it’s more calm state. The female talking during the little break in the middle of the song reminds of that chick on Deftones‘ song “Pink Cellphone“. Fron†ier is really a great way to start off the EP.

Keeping the pace and tone of the album is the next track, Prurien†, which features some great vocal work from Chino and some interesting use of instruments and electronics. The combination and integration of sounds and combining them into this track is done incredibly well. It even has a little guitar solo that isn’t too much and fits in with the song perfectly. They experimented with this track and I think they pulled it off very well.

The next track, †Elepa†hy, has one of the sexiest bass lines I’ve heard in a while. It’s the main focus of the song too so you’ll get your fill of it. The percussion blends in with the bass work well and honestly it gives me that 80’s vibe. Vocal work adds to this feeling because of the way they fade in during the pre-chorus. The song is very upbeat and fun to sing along to. Definitely a track that will get stuck in your head for days, at the least that bass riff will. This is baby makin’ music right here.

†Rophys and 1987 close the EP in a rather different tone. These two songs are slow, calm and bleak. Slightly depressing in a way, the music and lyrics bring you down a notch and the closing of the album feels like a tragedy in some weird way. †Rophys has a chorus I love and Chino’s melancholy style of singing on this track and on 1987 truly makes you feel the same way, the lyrics really penetrate your soul. They are very subtle, metaphorical and mysterious but they will really get to you emotionally. These two tracks definitely have a NIN feel to them, 1987 especially makes me feel like I am lost at sea, cold and alone. Lyrics like this, truly add to the experience.

“In the waves
A shoebox of ashes
A silver casket
A mother dressed for eternities breath”

I was a huge fan of Crosses first EP, I honestly thought there was no way they could top it. I listened to that EP so much, I loved it from first listen. I can say the same now for their second EP. This is truly a work of art and it wraps my soul in silk and leaves me feeling good. I cannot get enough of this EP, it’s a different tone from their first release but it’s still as powerful and masterful as ever. If you only liked the first EP, I think this second one will win you over. It’s definitely a step up artistically and overall is brilliance in only 5 songs. You’ll definitely have this EP on a loop, I know I did.

Pros: Astonishing music, Creative beats, riffs and slides, Some of the best vocal work Mr. Chino Moreno has ever done

Cons: Hahaha, There are none. I’ve listened to this EP over 20 times and it never gets old. It’s a breathtaking experience over and over, the music is always a pleasure to listen to.

5 out of 5

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