NEW SONG: TORCHE releases their new song “Kicking”

Head on over to PITCHFORK to listen to Torche’s new track “Kicking“. I’m terribly sick so I’m just going to be lazy and post what is on Pitchfork’s site. You can download the single from Pitchfork by singing up for their email list.

From Pitchfork:

Miami/Atlanta quartet Torche‘s third LP, Harmonicraft, is out April 24 via new label Volcom. The 13-song collection– produced by bassist Jonathan Nuñez, mixed by gong-toting Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou, and featuring new guitarist Andrew Elstner– follows the 2010 mini album Songs for Singles, though it feels like the descendent of their stronger 2008 breakthrough Meanderthal. As “Kicking” suggests, despite the new lineup and imprint, vocalist/gutarist Steve Brooks’ knack for sludgy pop anthems remains unchanged.

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