METALLICA FEST: Metallica Announce Orion Music + More

Metallica has said, “Fuck it, we’re doing our own god damn festival” and so the Orion Music + More fest has been made. With opening acts such as Modest Mouse, we’re all in for an extreme concert series! Tickets go on sale incredibly soon and the festival will be in June. I saw the video before it was taken down. More details soon. VIDEO IS LIVE!!!

Official website: Orion Music + More

Some notes from the live stream.

– Orion is named as a tribute to Cliff Burton.

– 2 day festival with Metallica headlining each night. 22 bands on the bill.

– June 23rd & 24th – Atlantic City, New Jersey – Bader Field

– Will be playing Black Album in it’s entirety

– Playing Ride The Lightning in it’s entirety as well.

– James and Lars are fucking goofy and kinda annoying. Interrupting the interviewer n all.

– Festival sounds like it will be sorta like a carnival vibe as well. Games and other things to do besides drink and stand around.

– The people spamming “BRAZIL” one hundred times in the chat are annoying as fuck.

– Prices are GA is $125 bucks. Ultra pass is $225. More info @ Orion Music + More


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