Album Review! Nephelium – Coils Of Entropy

Nephelium’sCoils of Entropy” is straight up death metal with no gimmicks or any filler bullshit. This is straight up raw and dirty death metal. I say dirty because those guitar tones are muddy and nasty. Rhythm riffs are just thick and get the riot moving and the leads are well executed and fun. Drums n bass are monstrous and vocals are done in the style of old school era death metal. Each track is throat ripping death metal that is heavily influenced by old school death metal. The riffs are the main focus on the guitars, showcasing some technical leads. Solos are often quick and fuckin shred.

Where Coils of Entropy succeeds is how good the songs are. The riffs man, the riffs! Each song is packed with them and the brutality of the album as a whole is on par with Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse and Autopsy. I just want to throw up horns and headbang each time I listen to this album. Nephelium is one of those bands who are severely over looked and under appreciated. The only thing I didn’t care for on the album was the ending vocals on the song “Malediction“. It sounded as if the singer watched some Looney Tunes and then tried to mimic the Tasmanian Devil, it’s just laughable the way the vocals are on that part. Other than that, the album front front to back is rather flawless.

There are some rather long songs on here and you might think to yourself, “Man, these are going to get repetitive and boring awfully quick.” Well, you are wrong. “Malediction” and “Coils of Entropy” are a combined total of just under 19 minutes and they never lost me. The musicianship and writing on this album are done with care and executed with vicious precision and it’s clear that Nephelium take their work very seriously. If you are a fan of old school death metal, good guitar work or just a fan of heavy music in general, then Coils of Entropy is just what you want/need.

Pros: The guitars fucking rule man, vocals are brutal and drumming/bass work is destructive

Cons: Just 30 seconds or so of silly vocals, other than that…no real negative comments

4.5 out of 5

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