Qreview! Inner Fear – First Born Fear

Inner Fear is a band consisting of artists from already existing different bands across Europe. Inner Fear have been around since 1997 but on the back burner so they can focus on their main bands. However, they have recently come back together to create and release their latest album, First Born Fear. The sound is similar to most other melodic/symphonic metal bands out there. There are two vocalists, Serg covers the lows and evil screams and Vic Anselmo covers the womanly elegant singing. It’s not your usual Evanescence shitty vocal structures and patterns, Serg is mainly on the mic. Khopec holds it on guitars fairly well. There are no mind blowing riffs or solo’s happening on the album and most of the riffs are palm muted power chords and some tremolo picked parts too. He keeps it heavy but it’s convoluted, uninspired and boring most of the time. Bass guitar is the same, nothing extravagant happening and it’s just following the guitars rhythm. Keys are reminiscent of 90’s Cradle of Filth/Dimmu Borgir. The keys are always going and is one of the main things you’ll notice throughout the entire album. The best part about the album is the drumming. Marthus has tons of fills, beats, rhythm patterns and tempos to keep those interested in the kit happy.

The album as a whole is average. Music isn’t particularly bad but it’s just shit I’ve heard before. Nothing stands out and catches my attention. It’s a fine album to listen to as background noise. I’d say it’s a damn good band to get those interested in symphonic metal. You could go from Inner Fear to Cradle of Filth to Vesania. It’s not an annoying album by any means, the music played is actually good…it is just one of these situations where I am in a “been there, heard that” mentality and I cannot shake it. Give it a listen and find out for yourself, it does deserve atleast one or two spins on the ol MP3 player. It’s a decent album, I just can’t get into it. I neither like it nor hate it.

Pros: Great intro band to better symphonic metal, drums and vocals are the best part

Cons: It’s a band you’d expect to hear opening for Dimmu Borgir, Guitars are just boring, keys can get annoying at times.

2.5 out of 5

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