Album Review! Aborted – Global Flatline

Tone is heavy, drums are fucking nuts and vocals kill your ears (in a good way). Aborted’sGlobal Flatline” is fucking awesome! Each time I listen to this monster it always makes me energetic, alert and happy. How could such a brutal grind/death metal album make me happy? Let’s see…..let’s start off with the epic amount of endless riffs that is pumped out on this album. Seriously, if you enjoy rhythm guitar, Aborted does not disappoint. I fucking love great riffs and song writing and Global Flatline fucking brings it song after song after song. Just endless riffing, blasting and screaming. Makes me wish I was in a mosh pit each and every time I listen to this record. The intensity of the band is unmatched, I haven’t heard anything close to this in a long fucking time. Drumming is more than just mammoth double bass and blast beats, there are incredible rhythm sections and fills throughout the entire album. Vocals are changed up quite a bit, being ultra guttural and then a higher raspier scream that sounds like no one else.

After the yawner of an intro track, Global Flatline kicks off with a slower sludge-tastic type of guitar riff and it’s not too long before the tempo is kicked up a notch and the album never really loses pace from here on out. Origin of Disease is a fucking blast friendly and chunky song, opening with a gnarly scream and building intense amounts of adrenaline. On Coronary Reconstruction you get about 18 seconds to collect yourself and take a breather before the insanity starts again. The percussion and ominous guitar work done on the song before the heavy part towards the end  is fucking amazing. Fecal Forgery is a shorter song with some interesting riffs and some nice little guitar solo’s on it. Of Scabs And Boils reminds me of a song that was off of Revocation’s latest album the way the main riff is played. Very fast paced and fun to headbang to!

Vermicular, Obscene, Obese is back to that crazy grind/death mentality after a couple of fun songs. This track goes straight back into chaos with furious drumming, and incredible fret work. Just after the 1 minute mark it goes into a slower slam groove with harmonics and pick scrapes. Eran Segal and Mike Wilson really pull out all of the tricks on this album. Even doing a Dimebag sounding sludge bend riff on this particular song. Expurgation Euphoria begins with a spooky piano introduction and then the band comes in and produces a slow tempo headbanging section that I love. This song is one of the slower out of the bunch, yet doesn’t get any less heavy. This song proves that slow songs are just as heavy, if not heavier, than faster songs. From A Tepid Whiff features more intense song writing and kick ass guitar solo’s. The next 3 songs (The Kallinger Theory – Our Father, Who Art Of Feces and Grime) keep the flow of just pure speed, riffs, blasts and intensity. I want to know if this band is good live because now I really want to see them. The final track, Endstille, is a change up of how the rest of the album has been. Still a killer track but it’s mainly set up as a outro, a finale. Even for an outro track, Aborted still fucking prove that they are not to be taken lightly. They are no joke, Global Flatline is one of the best albums I’ve heard so far this year.

To me, this album is perfection. I find nothing wrong with Global Flatline and it keeps me entertained and interested listen after listen. This album bleeds metal and is simply one you absolutely must pick up. I cannot praise this album enough, get it. You won’t be disappointed with your purchase. Get the version with the bonus songs because they are fucking amazing and brutal as fuck. ( I don’t review bonus content)

Pros: Some of the best death/grind metal I’ve ever heard, the band is so fucking good, adrenaline pumping riffs, drums and vocals!

Cons: There are NONE

5 out of 5

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