TESSERACT – New Video Shows Off Some New Music!

Check out this bass guitar video for the song “April“. Very good shit. Check out the video now and details on the upcoming EP after the jump.

“The EP itself was inspired by an acoustic session we filmed last year in New York, whilst on tour with Protest The Hero. It made us realize that a few of the tracks sounded really great when re-arranged and approached at from a different perspective. It will feature 3 new versions of tracks from ‘One’ plus a very special cover’.

TesseracT recently asked which TesseracT song our fans would most like me to do a play through video for. The result was “April”. This is a very straight forward track that focuses mainly upon the feel and the groove. I honestly don’t think I play this track precisely the same twice, as the intensity and emotion will change each performance depending upon my mood, the environment and the sound I’m hearing.

Seeing as we’re about to release an new version soon, I decided to film myself recording that one. So, I filmed and recorded three separate takes for three different angles, and then created a comp track for the final bounce. This is just a rough mix by me at my home studio, that is slightly bass heavy so you can more clearly define whats going on. I hope to soon have enough time to transcribe the whole album, at which point I will also publish tabs and manuscripts for our debut album ‘One’.

In this recording I chose to use a Warwick Thumb BO BN for the deep dark sound it produces. This then went into an Electro Harmonix Black Finger Tube Compressor, and then straight into Pro Tools. The only plug in used was the Waves’ G series EQ/Compressor Channel strip.

Amos is currently taking questions and teaching both Bass guitar and Sound Recording at http://www.bandhappy.com/profile/amoswilliams

You can also get in touch with any of the band members through facebook/tesseractband or formspring.me/amoswilliams

Many Thanks to Warwick Basses; Mesa Boogie; Planet Waves; D’Addario; Kristell Gathoye Photography.
(c). 2012 TesseracT/Century Media Records

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