Album Review! Splattered Entrails – 2012 EP


1. Vanity of Perversion

2. Magnum Rivet

3. Onslaught of Warfare

4. Screams of Distant Terror

5. Arcadia

6. Incessant Torture

7. Subject Delta



Crushing slam groove starts this album off immediately and it’s back to what Splattered Entrails does best, make you fucking headbang. This 2012 EP is another blast-tastic death metal album that has even catchier riffs than the previous release. The tempo is slowed down a little bit in the guitar riff section, making the riffs that much heavier sounding. I mean that, these riffs sound like they weight 10,000 pounds. Drums sound great again with the exception of a couple of crash parts, it’s just annoying at times but only when I focus on it. Vocals are deep and will drag you down to hell. It seems to be the smaller guys now-a-days are belching out some impressive vocals anymore. You would think a giant was behind that microphone. The opening roar on the track “Screams of Distant Terror” is a prime example of the monstrous screams Mike can produce.

One thing I like is how crisp and clean Mike O’Hara’s picking hand is. The riffs sound really good and are not sloppy at all. Featuring layers, melodies and tapping – the song writing is a little more complex while still very structured and brutal. Some of the riffs are just dreadful and scary at times. There is a nod to Mike’s previous work, nasty guttural slam with some mean double bass behind it on “Incessant Torture”. Ending the album is another track featuring mean riffs and roars that would knock a bears nuts off and send him running. The 2012 EP from Splattered Entrails is a mean one. O’Hara keeps pumping out quality death metal and I think this EP is just the beginning of what to expect for later this year!

Pros: Groove, slam, death, brutality…this album has it all and delivers it with full force.

Cons: Not for the weak.

4.5 out of 5


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