ENFOLD DARKNESS Streaming Their New Track “Lairs Of The Ascended Masters” On Decibel!

Enfold Darkness is new to me. It’s thrashy black metal with some raunchy low vocals that are almost guttural. The song “Lairs of the Ascended Masters” is great and you can hear it for yourself here via Decibel.

From Enfold Darkness founder/lead guitarist Matt Brown:

“‘Lairs of the Ascended Masters’ is about transcendence. It is about leaving behind old modes of thought and moving forward. In today’s world, people are beginning to look at our way of life through a different ‘lens’ — so-to-speak — because things have been going to shit for some time now. While ‘Lairs’ is a themed song about a wizard learning to transcend to higher dimensions while obtaining new and dangerous magical powers, it is very much paralleled with whats going on in our current day and age.”

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