Saturday Morning Soundtrack – Final Fantasy VII

An amazing game with an amazing soundtrack. Final Fantasy VII was my gateway drug into the new age of RPG’s. Compelling story, characters, visuals and soundtrack really pulled the player into the game. I’ve made up a playlist to share with you all instead of spamming my blog with 7+ videos. Enjoy.

Click here for the Final Fantasy 7 playlist.


2 responses to “Saturday Morning Soundtrack – Final Fantasy VII

  1. You should check out the Black Mages, an instrumental rock/metal band focusing entirely on music from the Final Fantasy games, featuring Nobuo Uematsu himself on keys.

  2. So cool, even the music from the FF games rock. I sometimes just listen to the music. A lot of my friends used to love playing their bands while levelling up on the game but I actually preferred to get the FF music in my head. Even now, this many years later I still get the music in my head even if I haven’t played it for a long time!

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