Album Review! Lamb of God – Resolution

Lamb of God – Resolution

1. Straight To The Sun

2. Desolation

3. Ghost Walking

4. Guilty

5. The Undertow

6. The Number Six

7. Barbaraosa

8. Invictus

9. Cheated

10 . Insurrection

11. Terminally Unique

12. To The End

13. Visitation

14. King Me

Epic Records

Pure Fucking American Metal titans LAMB OF GOD are back and beginning 2012 with a thirst for blood. The riffs are as catchy as ever, the solo’s are deadlier than they ever were and Randy’s vocals haven’t lost it’s touch. The rhythm section is as strong as ever with heavy under tone’s and classic LoG’s drum work. Resolution is top notch and from beginning to end it’s non stop energy and headbanging. Being that this is their 7th studio release, you’d think the riffs would get old or begin to repeat or the vocals wouldn’t be as strong as they are. You are wrong and you won’t be disappointed. This is a straight up great Lamb of God release. Produced and mixed by Josh Wilbur (Whom has done the last two LoG albums, Wrath and Sacrament), he keeps things tight and sounding great. Resolution is another chapter in the story of the band, a chapter that proves to us that there is no stopping them or even slowing them down.

Just like Slayer, Lamb of God stick to what they know yet work in a few new things to make it all fresh and exciting again. This album has the pure raw attack and intensity of As The Palaces Burn and Ashes of the Wake but their sound and song writing is still massive and mature like Sacrament and Wrath. Songs like “The Undertow” and “Cheated” that make you go, “Oh, that sounds like some old school shit!” remind you of the good ol days. There are parts of the album that definitely stick out to me. The first song “Straight To The Sun” is a great introduction track with a slow sludge riff and Randy belting out a scream that could blow the windows out. “Guilty” stands out due to the sheer intensity of the song and that middle section around 2:00 is a riot starter. “The Undertow” has a old school part on it that is reminiscent to “As The Palaces Burn” and has a killer chorus. “The Number Six” has gang vocals that I actually think works well for a change and “Barbarbaosa” is a nice little trip down Pantera lane. “King Me” also sticks out because it is one hell of a closing track, featuring an orchestra and an opera singer.

Let’s talk guitar riffs. This is Lamb of God, they stick to their formula: some technical riffs that groove and fluctuate back in forth between sludge and thrash tempos. This album has a lot of riffs in it. Some better than others but the album as a whole rolls along smoothly. Guitar work definitely makes you headbang. Guitar solo’s are at an all time high here. I liked every single solo Resolution had to offer. Drumming is, as always, a treat. Great bass patterns, cymbal crashes and just all around fun percussion. Bass work is present and thunderous. Keeping the guitars in check with great rhythm undertones. Let’s focus on the vocals now, the vocals are amazing. Chants, screams, belches; everything is done perfectly. The vocals are the best part of the album for me.  The lyrics, vocal patterns and song structures of how he sings is all just done so brilliantly. Randy’s low are raw yet they still have balls to them. It’s not your usual death metal grunting, it’s clear and enunciated very well. High’s are still strong and angry. This is one amazing album vocally.

To put it simply, this album is good. I’m always headbanging and I’m learning the parts to scream along to. I haven’t been this excited and satisfied with a Lamb of God release since “Ashes of the Wake“. This is truly a work of art and Lamb of God definitely prove that they are here to stay and 2012 marks the year of their triumphant return.

With that said, the only negativity I could really point out is the fact that, yes this is LoG and this sounds like LoG. If you didn’t like them before, chances are you are not going to give a shit now. Still, I highly recommend a couple of spins. The album holds up time after time, no matter how many times I’ve listened to it per day. It’s still exciting, fun and great to listen to. Put it on, turn it up and headbang.

Pros: It’s Lamb of God, you really can’t go wrong. They’ve stepped it up though with better song writing, nods to old LoG and Randy sounding better than ever.

Cons: Sometimes it feels as if I’ve heard this all before, Lamb of God don’t venture off into the unknown much when it comes to writing songs. However, just like Slayer and Pantera, they use what is familiar and make it work again.

4 out of 5

Best Tracks: Straight To The Sun, Guilty, The Undertow, Barbaraosa, Invictus, Cheated, Insurrection, Visitation & King Me

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