VATTNET VISKAR: Excellent Black Metal That You Need Hear.

So, you know…just doing my usual trolling this morning. Get linked to this tour my buddies blog and record label is doing. The Negotiatour (See previous post) and one of the bands on said tour is one I’ve never heard of before. So I check out their Facebook page and listen in. Vattnet Viskar fucking rule. Despair has that classic black metal sound and the vocalist, Nicholas Thornbury, has some balls about him. I love the vocals! Musically it’s as misanthropic as you’d expect from a black metal band. Production quality is low (However, if you know black metal, they do this on purpose usually) but that doesn’t stop how epic the music is. Vattnet Viskar (the song) has a nice tempo and feel about it. Once again, more awesome music and more depths from hell vocals. I really like the guitar riffs and drum patterns. Not the usual blastbeats you would hear on a black metal album.

Upon first listen, I’m quite impressed. Check out their Facebook page, like them and listen to them. Go forth and headbang.


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