Agoraphobic Nosebleed – Make A Joyful Noise

Well, today’s “Random Song of the Day” was picked off of this album. However, since the entire album is under 5 minutes, just listen to the whole fucking thing. You’re welcome!

Lyrics after the jump.

Eyes like two pissholes in the snow!

His neck in a noose he hung like strange fruit from the Christmas tree

Santa’s got a brand new bag of dicks to suck
Polar bear, jolly ol’ queer, Santa he likes it rough

With all these fuckin’ nerds and goofs
Did you actually think metal was recession-proof?
RapidShare is a computer virus
Like an STD for the music industry it spread
And now all we’re left w/is this
Scion A/V free Crusher ten
Wrapped up and re-gifted to loved ones and friends
Remember it’s the thought that counts

No presents from Scion this year, just regrets
And this holiday issue of Decibel w/the ANb flex

Dilated eyes, rosy red cheeks
He put a finger to the side of his nose
Up his chimney it rose
With a sniff and a wink

Mall metal teens torching a manger
Inficide, deicide, newborn baby Jesus burned alive
You shouldn’t have lied to your kids about Santa
Frozen corpse stuffed w/holiday cheer
Body bag full of gifts for all the boys and girls this year

Cannibal Corpse can eat Seth Putnam’s dead putrid dick
Obituary for Obituary, boredom the cause of death
Best thing about death metal is it’s fuckin’ dead

When my grandfather was a child
All he’d get for Christmas was a carton of cigarettes
These days that would be an expensive gift for a kid

Doomed labels all w/the wolverine blues
Shepherd their flock of sheep
To god city to be forever “Entombed”
By lord, savior producer, douche
Fuck Kurt Ballou
Bring your sound down to clowntown
Do you hear what I hear?
Your sound is now his sound
You’re paying for the name

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