RIP David Gold…

I just wanted to share this. This song and his last words with me. I was talking to him about this bullshit article that a blog had posted and he was very mature about the situation. Not one foul thing was spoken and he never blamed anyone or anything.

“Thanks Thomas, but that won’t be necessary. (So-n-so) never asked to have a discussion with me so I don’t think he wants one. It is incredibly hard to do what we do… Things happen. Yet, I don’t wish ill will on anyone. I say that time after time. Everyone’s life has to go on.”

I told him good luck with the new record and hopefully I could meet him in 2012.

“Thanks man! =) Fight the good fight!”

Anytime I talked to him…he just had nothing but positive things to say and was very supportive. Rest in peace David, you will definitely be missed.

If any of his friends or family needs anything, you let me know. I’ll help out as much as humanly possible.

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