(late)Wednesday Wreck-ommendation: JUNIUS

It appears that Junius has left an impression on anyone who listens to their album “Reports From The Threshold Of Death“. It’s hard to compare them to anyone really and my expertise outside of metal is very nil. Immediately I can compare the vocal style to the Deftones. Very deep and breathy singing during the verse and a more prominent and powerful vocal style during the chorus usually. Joseph E. Martinez’s vocals are still very much Chino Moreno in a way. Which is not a bad thing because I think Moreno’s voice is the best thing on the planet. Martinez definitely does an amazing job singing on this record.

The music is rich and powerful. It’s nothing too incredibly metal but the sound coming from Junius is some of the best I’ve heard all year. It’s really well written and it’s almost Muse like in a way. Their style and song writing is out of this world. This latest album is definitely one you can listen to over and over and by the 3rd or 4th time start singing along. Check out their album “Reports From The Threshold Of Death” today!

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