Qreview! Vildhjarta – Måsstaden

I dunno what the fuck a Måsstaden, Vildhjarta or a Thall is but one thing is for sure, this album packs one hell of a punch. Vildhjarta is a band that, just like most bands following this trend, sound like Meshugguh. The thing about Vildhjarta is, they actually seem to do it right. It’s not JUST about the chunky ass kicking riffs and time changes, they implement amazing leads and unique techniques within these monster riffs. Rhythm is one thing I love and rhythm is one thing Vildhjarta does perfectly; the songs are heavy, catchy and have a weird sense of electronic presence in them and it adds to the songs and makes them slightly more dynamic. Time and time again you will hear the amazing riffs of rhythmic goodness, electronic impulses that create an ominous effect and even scary little clean channel parts that create one hell of an atmosphere.

The vocals are a mix of two fellas. It reminds me of a death metal Mushroomhead in a way, one guy is more screamy and the other has a lower tone and is more death metal. The mix is great and keeps things interesting, there is even some clean singing on the song “Traces“. On the lower end of the sounds we get some fantastic bass guitar work and drumming that pummel you furiously and relentlessly. If you have an amazing set of speaker (headphones, home or car) then Måsstaden will be your best friend for weeks. The sound is so rich and fulfilling and I’ve never heard an album from within this genre that is as good as this one. Not one single track is boring and each song has something special, whether it’s just a small track with some killer riffs or it’s the outro to “All These Feelings”. I don’t know for sure how they are getting such a high sound out of the guitar but my only guess is that they are getting from behind the bridge that holds the strings.

While Måsstaden is truly the best in it’s class, it’s not truly groundbreaking. This style is over saturated but Vildhjarta  make it their own and make it unique, which I can appreciate. I honestly cannot stand this style of music but this album is my exception. Enjoy Vildhjarta , enjoy Måsstaden.

Pros: Excellent sound and songs. Interesting sounds and leads.

Cons: It’s that sound everyone loves/hates.

4.5 out of 5

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