Qreview! As Hell Retreats – Volition

A metal core album that uses some death core elements to keep things on the heavy side and they are not afraid of using their clean channel. While they don’t reinvent the wheel, they keep things interesting using a unique tone and executing songs very well.

The album moves very well and keeps me interested. Some of these breakdowns on this album are just down right nasty and the songs can be emotional. Volition is a good album, The bass and guitar tone are the real stars of the show. Using techniques from so many different genres, it keeps the listener guessing.

The only thing bad about the album is probably the obvious use of so many metal core riffs and death core breakdowns. Still a solid and heavy album.

Pros: great riffs and guitar tone. Singing is good.

Cons: so many layers underneath the main core elements that you may miss it.

3.5 out of 5

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