Headbang or GTFO – The excuses begin…

It’s the end of the year. Tis the season to be very very busy at my real job. So busy in fact that I will be posting less. I’m sure to anyone that follows this can tell already since I was rarely posting throughout the Thanksgiving weekend. My job at BBQFANS has recently skyrocketed in sales and my time will be spent in the garage headbanging and welding. I’ll try to keep up with current topics and such but I’m sure while my real job begins to pick up, the metal world will slow down a bit.

I’ll be working on my top 20 best albums of 2011 and also work on some other “best of” bullshit lists. So if you’re into those kind of things then stay tuned! The year is basically over, there are no real big releases coming next month. I’ll give the new Chevelle and Korn album a listen to but I cannot recall anything else being released.

Keep listening to good music and happy holidays.

Also, very soon I’ll turn this joke of a blog into a real blog, without that goofy wordpress.com in the URL.

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