SCREW YOU GUYS! Thursday calls it quits and Chris Vrenna leaves Marilyn Manson

So apparently an up and coming band calling themselves Thursday has recently broke up due to “an endless series of personal difficulties”. Which is sad because these guys had potential. I guess the pressures of becoming a big hit within the metal/jazz community was too much for them. Well, hopefully these guys will come back around.

In other news, mastermind drummer/keyboardist for Manson (and thousands of other projects) has left Marilyn Manson’s band “Marilyn Manson”. He is focusing on one thing: movie and video game scoring, production and his DJ career. With so much going on, I’m sure Manson won’t mind. I mean they can find a replacement drummer/keyboardist. Since the drumming never has been too technical or difficult to begin with. I thought they always used a drum machine? Oh well, I’m sure Manson can just pick up a replacement from someone that was in Chimaira.

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