Qreview! Cloudkicker – Let Yourself Be Huge EP

Bedroom artists are not scarce, however true talent such as this is a rarity. Ben Sharp is the artist here and his project, Cloudkicker, is amazing music. While the main focus of this website is music that will make you headbang ferociously, I do enjoy something more thought out and melodic, ambient  and subtle. Let Yourself Be Huge is just that and done masterfully. 25 minutes of truly great and breathtaking music. The guitar playing is romantic in a way and performance on this EP is executed flawlessly. The song titles fit in with the music wonderfully, as was the case with Beacons. It adds to the song a little more and I can’t explain why. They are the only lyric to the song in a way.

Let Yourself Be Huge is one of my favorite instrumental albums of the year. There are no overly done gimmicks and wacky guitar solos. Just straight up rhythm and ambiance. It’s so well done, magical and beautiful. It’s hard to find the right words to express my appreciation of the hard work put into this album. It’s just SO FREAKING GOOD!

Pros: Everything. Literally: everything.

Cons: Only the weird in and out of the final riff on the song “Explore, be curious“…but that’s no big deal.

5 out of 5



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