Concert Review – CHIMAIRA

October 16th, 2011…Chimaira takes the stage in front of a small crowd at The Beaumont Club. The crowd is the smallest I’ve ever seen at any venue, but that doesn’t stop the band nor does it make the energy in the room feel weaker. The crowd was pumped and ready for the band to take the stage. Once they took the stage, they fucking brought it. Sound, lights, presence…all was as it should be. Anytime I’ve seen Chimaira they have always brought it 100%.

The sound was powerful and loud. Everything was clear and precise. The lighting was phenomenal and was really flashy at times. Sometimes the lights would calm the fuck down and just sit idol. During the guitar solo’s, the spotlight would hit Rob Arnold and it was pretty epic. He is so good at what he does.

The setlist was fucking pro. It was 17 songs long! It’s been years since I’ve seen them perform a headlining set and it was well worth the wait. They played tons of new stuff and it sounded great. Of course with all of the new tunes, they had to throw in some classics like Severed and Power Trip.

Each band member was amazing. Matt never fudged a riff, Rob never missed a note, Mark’s voice sounded better than ever. Stage presence was great as well. The members of Chimaira got into it and were all over the stage. Sean Z did well with the back up vocals and hammering down the electronic ambiance that Chimaira has. Emil was very much into the music and held down the bass guitar duties like a pro. Drumming was done very well by Mr. Austin D’Amond. The stage always had energy and intensity happening, even between songs I never calmed down.

Even with the crowd being incredibly small, they were energetic and moshing. Screaming back the words and enjoying themselves. It was cool to see less than 100 people have such a good time and really get into it.

I was impressed and blown away, again. This was my….5th or 6th time seeing Chimaira. They never let me down! They always put on a good show. They have never left me disappointed and I am always satisfied with their performance. Well done. Through all of the line up changes and everything, they still continue to kick ass.

Turns out, Rob and Matt are leaving Chimaira later this year. I’m thankful to have seen these two with Chimaira one last time. Also, I happened to score a pick, an interview and a photo with Rob so that means so much more now than ever.


        (intro) Stoma
  1. The Age of Hell
  2. Clockwork
  3. Losing My Mind
  4. Power Trip
  5. Nothing Remains
  6. The Flame
  7. Pure Hatred
  8. Destroy and Dominate
  9. Severed
  10. The Disappearing Sun
  11. Year of the Snake
  12. Born in Blood
  13. The Venom Inside
  14. Secrets of the Dead
  15. Empire
  16. Trigger Finger
  17. Resurrection

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