Wednesday Wreck-ommendation (On Thursday): GoreSkinCoffin – Corpse Filled Caskets

Rotting death metal, furious grind, blasphemous black and murderous doom: GoreSkinCoffin (cool name too) fucking comes out of nowhere and kills your ears. The fury of this album and the intense music are pure metal gold. I’ve never really heard of a band pulling of such amazing death metal riffs, then go into black metal chords and finish off a track faster and harder like a grind king. The rhythm guitars and drums create songs that are catastrophic but controlled. It’s like detonating a nuke in your own backyard. The leads are brilliant, lately I’ve been growing bored with shitty attempts at solo’s but these guys pull it off. Corpse Filled Caskets combines the best of all relevant genres and shoves it into your soul. The album is short yet satisfying. GET IT NOW!!! They are offering it for free! No seriously! Click on the links to get a copy of GoreSkinCoffin’s album, Corpse Filled Caskets.

Go like them on Facebook too.

Official review will be up soon.


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