Why can I not get into Machine Head? An abnormal review: Machine Head – Unto The Locust

Machine Head, a very straight to the point metal band. No real gimmicks, good tunes, good vocals and excellent on stage. A solid band with groovin songs and honestly, they pack a punch. Robb Flynn has a vocal style like no other and he can ALSO SING! Their rhythm section is damn good, drumming and bass guitar always sound amazing. Leads and solo’s are epic and full of passion and emotion. Lyrics are strong and catchy. Great riffs and even love that pitch harmonic that Robb pulls off. I respect the band and everything they do. They are wonderful musicians.

However, I just cannot for the life of me get into this band. I may listen to them once every 2 or 3 years for a few days and that is it. I own a couple of their albums and it’s usually a once over when I get it and then it sits on the shelf. I’ve seen them live 2 or 3 times and they always put on a great show. Lights, sound, stage presence…everything is awesome. I enjoy what I hear at the time, then shelf the album (now mp3) and never come back to it. If Machine Head is played at a bar or party, I’m all like “Fuck yeah! Machine Head kicks ass!!!” but if you look on my iPod or cd player wallet in my car, there is no sign of anything by them on there.

Why does MH have no re-playability values for me? It’s not like I think they are a bad band. I can’t even explain why I subconsciously think that their work is forgettable. Their last couple of albums, no matter how catchy or epic they may be, I just do not care. I don’t! Maybe it’s because they are beginning to sound the same over and over again? Even that logic doesn’t seem right, I love the entire Nile and Cannibal Corpse catalog….and they haven’t changed much in terms of sound and style.

While listening to Unto The Locust, I felt nothing but boredom and that is sad considering there are only 7 songs on the album. I’ve listened to 25 minute long songs and never got that bored. I don’t understand it, I did find some riffs and things here and there I enjoyed. I just couldn’t wait for the album to be over. The music is solid and done with class and expertise. Vocals are still rockin too, singing or screaming, they are good. Robb Flynns pitch is perfect with Machine Head’s style. With that said, I just don’t care. I can’t get into this. I kept losing interest while listening to Unto The Locust, it never really had me to begin with though.

This album is just disappointing. I liked the single “Locust” when I first heard it. Unto the Locust is just one of those albums from a well regarded band that just doesn’t do anything for me. I tried to like it, just like I always do with Machine Head albums.

Pros: Music is good. Very carefully thought out writing and execution. Great sound.

Cons: Boring. I just cannot get into this album/band.

2 out of 5

Fav Tracks: Locust

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