You know that plane that landed with no landing gear? DECAPITATED WAS ON THAT PLANE!

Decapitated survived this! Man, will someone or something give these guys a rest!? They JUST recovered from the car wreck that left Vitek and Covan injured and eventually taking Vitek’s life. Finally out on the road again with a new album under their belt, they deal with THIS bullshit within the same year as returning? Yeesh. I’m just glad everything was OK and no one was hurt. I heard about this 767 landing perfectly fine considering the circumstances a couple of days ago but I just learned that the band was on board.

As you may or may not have heard yet, Decapitated has cancelled a few shows due to this. They must be shakin up a little bit, who wouldn’t be. Right? THEY SURVIVED A POTENTIALLY FATAL PLANE CRASH. You Polish bands are tough as fuck.

We are extremely sorry to inform our fans, that due to unforeseen circumstances that are out of our control, we will unfortunately have to cancel our shows in Aalborg (Aalborg Metal Festival) and Leeds (Damnation Festival).

You know what makes this creepier? It’s been exactly 4 fucking years since that car wreck that took Vitek’s life. Why that makes it a little more eerie because of the exact date is unexplainable but it just is.

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