Qreview! Wolves In the Throne Room – Celestial Lineage

Wolves In The Throne Room is a band I have never heard of before. I never knew what to expect or what I was getting myself into. To make a long story short, I fucking love this album. There are only 7 tracks to Celestial Lineage (2 of which are instrumentals) but this album is still satisfying. Some of the tracks are long (three of them are over ten minutes) but they are so interesting and beautiful that I do not mind it. The composition and writing is very well done and inspiring. The music is dark, deep and ominous; it paints a picture. The riffs and drums are so cold, they make me think and feel. I love how Celestial Lineage sounds. It has that vintage black metal sound to it. Drumming is nothing incredibly technical or out going but they are perfect for this music. Vocal style is mainly the high pitch screech that you would get with your typical black metal band. The additional vocal parts from Jessika really add a special touch to the songs she is in.

I love all of the little nuances and additional ambiance that is present on the album. It really provides an epic feeling along with the great music that Wolves has created. These guys take the black metal torch and hold it with pride. I hope whomever they pass it on to does as well as these guys have done. I feel like this new release is already a timeless classic with the other great black metal albums out there. Everything is perfect and the songs are structured so well. I never lost interest, I never got bored and I continue to be blown away after every listen of the album. Celestial Lineage will give you chills and shows that true black metal is a respectable form of art.

5 out of 5

Pros: trve kvlt mvsic. the tunes are good, production is vintage but not that hipster “let’s make it sound like dogshit” recording,

Cons: n/a


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