Qreview! Evanescence – Evanescence

Evanescence, not much has changed in the past 10 years. Their self titled album is much of the same as before, emo radio rock that appeals to pre-teen girls and confused teenage boys. This album is just bad. It’s emotionless, it’s empty and it’s uninspiring music that is just background noise for Amy Lee to spill her guts over. While she may have a decent voice, it doesn’t save my ears from the annoying whining of heartbreak and love lost. It’s just the same irrelevant and boring song over and over again, recycled and reused for the next wave of Hot Topic goons to drool over.

It’s as if I was listening to the soundtrack to the latest “Twilight” movie. Disgusting. I mean the music doesn’t do ANYTHING remarkable at all. Nothing was catchy, heavy or even good in an acoustic sense. Of course there was the “I’m playing piano and singing my heart out” song but even that was trash. At least Loutallica‘s LULU was semi-interesting. This was just boring on all levels. So just spare your time and money and skip this one.

0 out of 5


3 thoughts on “Qreview! Evanescence – Evanescence

  1. ok! First off! It sounds to me like u were never a fan to start with! And u just seem harsh and hatful? But let me fill u in ho! Amy lee is a true artist and the last cd was nothing like the first! She has become stronger and indapendent! The songs r about slaming through the bs and showin what your made of! Atleast she actually takes time to make a creativ and amzing artistic album! Unlike all the other artist who just spit out one shallow hit after another! Atleast shes not following the rest of tha crowed and stipping and lip sinking! And u think they r emotionlesss? Wtf! Have u read tha story behind lost in parisis and my heart is broken? What u want? Ect…. This last album did great considering the economy and how ppl only listin to hip hop and pop now days? Amy is the real deal! Shes not an actress that sings! She is the queen of modern rock music! She has won rock godess of tha year this year and last year was revolvers hottest female! And won best vocalist at that award show! And the cd went #1 what?

  2. I have been to two concerts vary recently! And the fanz luv tha new cd! Considering it went number one on the top 200 is amazing in itself! Cuz ppl dont buy music anymore? They download it! And they went to #1 on that list to! So what now??? Evanescence is not about oh this sigal is a hit or this sigal is the good song! They make cds that are like books! U have to read tha whole thing! Dont judge it by tha cover? Each album is a story! Unlike alot of artist who have fillerz ect… Amy lee and evanescence r the best goth rock pop alternitve band of this era! And if u go to there live show and see how many diufferant ppl are fanz? U will see why ev and amy lee r tha best! She is a five foot tall! 24 inch waist! Chubby face! Ravon haird! Stunning eyes! Amazing one of a kind vocal! Stage stomping! Hair swinging! Song writing! Harp playing! Piano playing! Key board! Guitar playing! Painter! Disigner! In every way! She is a beutifal artist! A real gothic anel! The unlikly girl to make it! But she did! Shes real!

  3. and to let u know! I luv all kinds of music! My name is jamez padgett! And all the ppl i have met, who i became friends with? Have all became evanescence fans! Everyone from! Getto black girls to country boys! To even my gma! I think evanescence last cd showed more streagth and power then anything! I mean have u ever really listened to the song THE CHANGE!? Omg! Raw emotion! That cd is a trend setter! U know why! Cuz evanescence blurzz the line between a underground band and a main streem band?? How many artist do that? Not vary many at all! And they have a devoted follwing! Of true fanz! I waited outside for 20 min to meet amy lee? And when she got to me i cried? She actually wipe the tear off my face and she said??? Hey dude i didnt wanna make u sad? Or did i? Lol she is amazing! She gave me a hug and we said our good byes! Ev and amy r way to good! An work way to hard to have aholes like u rip them down! But then again? There r way more good reveiws then bad? So ither way??? Ev has it made? An u dont!!!!!!

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