Qreview! Fuck the Facts – Die Miserable

Behold the greatness of FUCK THE FACTS. A band that is rather unorthodox yet incredibly good. Die Miserable is fucking amazing. The riffs are gnarly, the drumming is ass ripping and the bass is kicking hard. I cannot define nor place this album in any genre. They are furious like a grind album yet when things get slow they tend to groove harder than any sludge band. A symphony of a great mosh pit, the sound of a car crash. Die Miserable will make you head bang and yet force you to pay attention to every little note. It is worth it, there are no shortcuts or shitty riffs happening here. The vocals are very throaty and raspy most of the time with a few lower registers happening on some of the songs.

The only thing that doesn’t work for me on the album are the vocals that are of the throaty gasping for air kind. I found them to be annoying and unfitting with the music. It’s as if someone was choking that Fruit Loop mascot, Toucan Sam. The constant squawking from him gets old after awhile. However, block that out and you got yourself a pretty flawless album. The music is just so good. Usually after only 8 songs I want more but Die Miserable is quite filling. Want more? Press play again!

Pros: music is really good.

Cons: vocals kinda blow most of the time.

4.5 out of 5


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