Qreview! Animals As Leaders – Weightless

I’ve rarely listened to Animals As Leaders prior to this release. There has been so much love for AAL that I figured I’d give the new album, Weightless, a listen to. I wasn’t really ready for what was going to happen, but my standards were a little high considering all of the press these guys get. The album is good and musically brilliant. I have much respect for what the gentlemen have done on this album. Some of the things they pull off are quite mind blowing. I cannot help but think once again that this album would be so fitting for a Mega Man game or a super hero movie soundtrack. The tunes are quite epic in that sense. Weightless is very jazzy with lots of timing changes and not too heavy so at times it also feels like lobby/elevator music, just on a higher level of awesome. There is a big noticeable electronic presence on the album. It’s kinda cool at times but does not add anything spectacular to the songs.

Weightless is a good album but it will not be getting much replays from me. Nothing got stuck in my head after several spins and I only ended up truly liking three songs. The album is quite repetitive it seems, I feel like I’ve been listening to the same song over and over with only a couple of changes here and there. There is a lot of noodling and ambiance happening during the album but it really doesn’t save it from the rather forgetful music AAL has released. It’s too bad because I really wanted to just fall in love with this album but I was left feeling underwhelmed after every listen.

Pros: Some really cool parts on the album.

Cons: Album is just dreadfully boring.

3 out of 5

Fav Tracks: Isolated Incidents, Do Not go Gently, New Eden


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