Qreview! I Declare War – I Declare War

This is definitely an I Declare War 2.0. The new album is full of better riffs, unique breakdowns and vocal patterns that keep things interesting. I was a half and half fan of IDW before, most of their stuff was derivative and unoriginal. While the death-core scene is basically a rinse and repeat genre to begin with, this new album seems a little more thought out and refreshing. Yes, there are still breakdowns and vocals that would scare the teeth out of your grand parents but this album takes what is basic and adds a touch of expertise to it.

I think the song structures and excellent drumming helps as well. The guitars are not novice work either, rhythm is heavy and there is some cool noodling going on throughout this album. Like I said, the breakdowns are unique. Whether it’s the timing of the breakdown or the notes they throw in in between the usual stuff that everyone pulls off. It sounds cool.

While this ISN’T the most original album available, it is better than most of the death-core acts out there today.

Pros: Some unique-ness and riffs keep this album spicy.

Cons: Vocal range is not wide, if you aren’t a fan of breakdowns then this album will not be for you. There are plenty.

4.5 out of 5

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