Gore: The most disturbing songs. Part V.

Dying Fetus – Bathe In Entrails

“I Can Still Remember, That Night In Paris France, Enslaved Upon The Darkness, That Boiling Acid Bath, Bathing In His Sick Tub, Flooding With Entrails, Unto This Fucking World, Horror Is Revealed, Eyes Are Melting, Vile And Horrifying, Sordid, Suffering, Horrid Eviscreation, Nerves Exploding, A Sicklu Revelation, I Watched Them Die…Skin Is Peeling, Dripping Of Their Faces, Veins Are Bursting, So Morbidly Deformed, Sawed And Severed, Nothing Left To Pray For, Rot Forever, I Felt The Growing Sickness Of Decomposing Organs Rotting Right Before Me, So Heavenly Dismantled, As I Watched Him, Unforgiving, Eyes Of Terror, Melting Humans, Spilling Over, Cleansing My Skin, With Your Organs, With Your Blood

Necrophagist – Foul Body Autopsy

“Stomach wall is opening
Primitive diagnosis…
Remove internal organs
Primitive autopsy…

Sawing – the weak head of the corpse I saw
Slicing – cerebral bisection
Eviscerate – slushy bowels ripped out at once
Perfecting – foul body autopsy”

Artery Eruption – Utilize All Holes

“Fucking crushing… your bones… through your holes
My cock so hard… it cracked… you in two
Swelling with blood… it pumps… out the pours
Pumping my cum… in your… rubbed-raw cunt
I impaled you… on an… iron bar
For an intense… session… of your rape
Now that your holes… will not… be the same
I must tear your… flesh from… all your frame”

Aborted – Gurgling Rotten Feces

“Anal excretion inard purification
Stinking liquid mass gushing out of your ass
Come forth to me, object of perverted lust
Innards deformed and sliced anatomy lies scattered

Gore and bile are spewing out of your scrotum
Mangled and defiled anal tract removed
I shit on your face you swallow my spunk

Ebola contaminated by feces
Orgasm through putrid stench
I shit on your face you devour my entrails

Whip me, object of lust
Punish me supreme masochism
Gutting and hacked supreme masochism
Festering slime like bowels reek like feces
I rape your cadaver necrotic orgasm

Cranial pulp bubbling through your anus
Ebola contaminating millions
You vomit your brain and ejaculate”

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