Gore: The most disturbing songs. Part III

Amputated – Raped with a Jackhammer

“Churning your cunt lips into a paste
Chunks of your pussy splatter my face
Savouring the drops of gore
With every lick i want you more

Jackhammer cracks her pelvis
What a site, a scene from hell
This horrid work of corpse defilement
As i rape her perfect dead cunt”

Exhumed – Dinnertime in the Morgue

“Sludge and grume – Viscous gore
Pyomorphism rots – To the core
Spawning ground – For grubs and worms
Infested gut – In your grave you turn…

Bowels bleeding black – As they are consumed
Intestinal tract – splatters all over your tomb
Consuming impulse – The larvae are gorged
The corpse starts to convulse – Dinnertime in the morgue”

Six Feet Under – Impulse to Disembowel

“Back again to kill and gut
I crave intestine
Fist-fucked reduced to a stump
Kill – all

Skinless body
Naked hanging
Blood as draining
Carving, killing
Swollen beauty
Holes appearing
Brutalizing, convulsing
Skinned and greasy
Still breathing
Anal carving
Holes are oozing
Slit your throat – deep
Off cane your head
Pulled out the guts
Right through your fucking neck!”

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