Qreview! Carnifex – Until I Feel Nothing

Deathcore done well: Carnifex‘s latest album, Until I Feel Nothing is true punishment. The tone is fucking heavy, drums are menacing and the riffs are groovin. The execution of the pitch harmonics are impressive, they aren’t used too often on the album but the songs that do use them I got a kick out of it every time. The intro track is one of the most boring introductory tracks I’ve heard this year. The album is pretty average as far as songs go. I did bang my fucking head the entire time though. Vocals are of the higher pitched raspy kind. The lows aren’t even that low, not guttural but it goes well with the music. Breakdowns are done very well and are organic with the songs. There are a few gems on this album; songs like Dead but Dreaming, Creation Defaced and Wretched Entropy made me want MORE Carnifex. The rest of the songs are good but nothing memorable.

With that said, this is still a great album. Musically, I am satisfied with what has been delivered. The songs are done well and the punch that Until I Feel Nothing delivers is quite fierce. The best track on the album by far is Dead But Dreaming, if the rest of the album was like this then we would have had a masterpiece. It is not like the rest of the songs, the riffs and brutality they achieved on that song is way better than the rest of the album. Sadly, this was the first song I heard off of this album….so I was expecting songs like THIS through out the entire album. My standard’s were high after listening to that song and the rest of the album was a little underwhelming. Dead But Dreaming is so killer, I wanted to jump the gate at the zoo and mosh a bear.

Pros: The album has sick tones. Seriously though, the tone and sound of the album is great. Songs are heavy and there are some quality riffs here.

Cons: Some of the album is rather forgettable/boring.

3.5 out of 5

Fav tracks: Dead But Dreaming, Creation Defaced, Wretched Entropy

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