Gore: The most disturbing songs. Part 2

More GORE!

Necrophagist – Mutilate The Stillborn

“Dismanteling – excoriate the dead unborn
Vile waste – vile waste inside is
Festering – prenatal fluids I adore
Offal – come to sight

Mutilation, the stillborn body chopped in half
Hateful am I
The torso drained of tepid bowels
I’m getting high”

Cattle Decapitation – The Ripe Beneath The Rind

“Flesh shall flay
Peeled back — exposing the nutrients of contents of mammal
Nutritious, delicious fruit

The stratified-squamous: keratinized
Epithelia dissected
Pseudo-stratified columnar, uni-cellular goblets (cells) secreting mucus
Gored out

The flesh is ripened – ready to gorge
Visceral contents empty on the floor
Like a fine wine the organs disgorge
Victim lies begging but I’m wanting more
The pain is insane, a new anus is torn”

Cannibal Corpse – Gutted

“A table of the deranged, this savage brutal being
A shocking way of life living on human offspring
Murder of the innocent, his pale grey face expresionless
Horrid dismemberment
One persons tortures, is anothers pleasure
Malformation, a diseased brain
Unsuspecting slowly dying, as his knife invades
The child, screams of pain, no one hears
Blood splotches now appear, esctasy through
Each cut, now the body twiches the gutted
Little torso ready to be cooked
Isolated in his own mind the need to kill
Now possesses his body
Self mutilated
Between killings ejaculation, cut off appendages
Of former victims, sexual violence satisfaction
Disembodied corpses, spewing gore
On his body, soaked with their fluids, various
Digestive parts, and assorted meats”


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