Concert Review – REVOCATION

Sunday, October 16th at The Beaumont Club in Kansas City, MO. Revocation opened up for Impending Doom and Chimaira. I was highly anticipating this performance since they released an album earlier this year and I’ve seen them one time previously the year before, they fucking bring it.

The musicians strapped on their instruments and checked their tones and made sure the sound was ready. Once everything was set, it was fucking on. Revocation made sure there was very little down time in between songs (Except for the introduction of Conjuring the Cataclysm with the demon sex in the van talk) and they all ripped through their set easily and flawlessly. Each member wailed on their instrument and performed a very good set. There was nothing special on stage, just a band performing some good tunes. No flames nor fire, no skulls and not even a banner. Revocation deserve a big ass banner behind them, they have the coolest band logo.

Opening with Cretin and going into Cradle Robber, Revocation came out of the gate strong with new music. They played these new tracks like they have been doing so already for years and years. Some of the coolest guitar hooks are played from these gentlemen and they make it look easy. David brings the fury with his leads and Dan can definitely keep up with him. The combination of the two guitar players make quite a metal team and the music from these guys is nuts. Continuing through their set with old songs and new, Revocation brought it and won over some new fans. They did so well a guy in a wheelchair started a mosh pit. How fucking metal is that?!!?!?

The crowd was tiny at the moment as it was pretty early in the night (However it didn’t get much bigger for Chimaira later on) but plenty of people were getting into it. Screaming, horns, moshing and headbanging…Revocation made sure that the people that were there were going to leave fulfilled. They played a great set. The lighting stayed green most of the time, which was weird I thought. It was only until the last song when the lights started going nuts and flashing. It went well with the song.

I had a good time. The show went well and the sound was great. They sound amazing on stage and it was as if I was listening to the actual albums. Not a note was fudged nor was a verse mixed up. Revocation are very professional for such a young band. Quality music and quality performance. Thanks guys!


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