Qreview! Blotted Science – The Animation Of Entomology EP

Great bass work, phenomenal drumming and guitar playing that will make you go cross eyed, Blotted Science comes back with an EP of amazing musicianship. Technical death metal is always done right when Blotted Science does it and this EP makes that statement true. I played this album at work and it won over an employee of mine who doesn’t even listen to this kind of music, he loved the way it sounded. Sometimes things get so crazy I can’t help but think that it belongs in a video game; Super Metroid, Castlevania, Megaman and Contra comes to mind. At times the music made me feel like I was stuck in a wasp nest, the album reminded me of that old song “Flight of the Bumble Bee” too…the album art also doesn’t help that fluttering bug feeling.

The tracks are fun to listen to and have great musicianship…however the songs are not really grabbing me like I’d hoped. Yes I did have fun listening to this album each time I heard it….but I have no real desire to keep listening to it. Some parts are brilliant…the rest is just there. To cater to their fanbase and tech-death nerds.

The EP is fantastic but I am good after a few listens. I liked the album a lot and respect their work. I just neither loved it nor hated it.

Pros: Holy shit you can do that on a guitar? Drumming is freaking mindblowing and bass is played well.

Cons: After a few listens…you get the point. Nothing too special.

3 out of 5


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