Well, Cynic just released a song off of their new EP last week. Yes, last week…fuck off. I have never listened to Cynic before in my life. So this was literally my first time sitting and listening to what they have to offer. I wrote down some notes too. I’m just going to put down here word for word of what I wrote down while listening to this.

1st listen – good song. Little different than what I was expecting. I like the style though, vocals add a nice touch but a little too much on the soft side. Still not bad though.

2nd listen – enjoyed the vocals more this time around. Appreciated the small ambiance happening in the background and that solo was pretty good. I like this song.

Carbon-Based Anatomy grew on me and the more I listen to it the more I like it. I cannot wait to hear this album now. Will be released 11.11.11 but you can download the song RIGHT HERE FOR FREE.

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