Back to normal starting tomorrow.

With this surprise medical issue, I’ve barely got out of the house….and out of bed/off the couch. Tomorrow should be back to the regular schedule. I have footage and photos from the Revocation/Chimaira show last night. Also, I wondered into dangerous territory and interviewed Revocation for my very first interview. I was nervous and was lacking the proper equipment but I tried as hard as I could. I had 2 minutes to get ready for this thing. The guys from Revocation are incredibly nice.

Then right after Chimaira’s set I met up with Rob Arnold from Chimaira and asked him a couple of question’s and he is a super cool dude. I’ve met him before so I wasn’t AS nervous but I was still nervous none the less. I had questions in my head for Mark Hunter, not for Rob Arnold so I had literally half of a minute to prep for this.

So things to look forward to:

Chimaira pictures and video

Revocation pictures and video

Impending Doom pictures

Our first EVER interview with Revocation for Headbang or GTFO

Our second interview with guitar lord Rob Arnold of Chimaira

Album review for Rwake and more later this week.

Thanks. Keep headbanging!!!!

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