Saturday Morning Soundtrack – The Cure For Your Hangover – DOOM OST

Today marks the first Saturday in which I start playing some tunes from a random soundtrack or something I’d like to recommend. It can be a soundtrack to a video game, movie or TV show…anything! Today I’m going to play some stuff from one of my favorite video games. Welcome to the Saturday Morning Soundtrack.

Today I will play for you some tracks from the old school FPS game from id Software, DOOM. Composed by Bobby Prince, DOOM was heavily influenced by metal/rock and ambient doom. DOOM offered some of the best tunes to kill demons to, this music constantly got stuck in my head as a kid and still does to this day. Sometimes slow and scary, sometimes rocking the fuck out, DOOM was an amazing soundtrack. So either start up the game or sit back and hit play button. Enjoy the music of DOOM.

Here is the very first song you will hear when starting your game:

One of my favorite songs on this game:


Spooky as fuck:

Another personal favorite:

Pantera: Mouth For War – Doom version:

Creepy end game music:


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