Humans: Deprogrammed


Well it’s another Wednesday. Another day to kill your ears to some heavy music. Today has been a long day. I’ve been welding my ass off and prepping the shop for the winter. While welding I put on an album that had me working faster and headbanging WHILE WELDING. From the ultra talented young man known as Mike O’Hara, I present Splattered Entrails and the album Nauseate.

Nauseate will push your speakers limits and will deafen your ears. This album is done completely by Mike and it’s amazing how one single person can put together such a brutal album. Nauseate has very little flaws in terms of death metal. Blast beats, fast guitar riffs and amazing vocals…this shit rips. I highly suggest finding this album, listening to it and make everyone in traffic or at your employment terrified.


Also, enjoy some of Mike O’Hara’s other tunes as well. Not included on the album, but still incredibly delicious.


April 18th, 2011 (No name, just the date it was created…one of my personal favorites though)

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