RLotD! Vile – Surgery

Wide awake I lay asleep
Demented visions appear
Before my eyes
Voices I hear
They plague my thoughts
Temptation fills
My heart and soul with pain
Increasing hunger
Drives me to prey
In search of blood
I hit the streets again

Rampage to kill again
A lust for whores
On a spree to humiliate
That never ends

Bound and gagged
You’re dragged away
A helpless victim
You yearn for mercy

Now you live in darkness
Down with the rate
You are my captive
A tool of play
Each day inflicting pain
Hours of torture
My deepest needs fulfilled

Experiments of flesh
Performed on you
Remove your organs
Switch them around

How much pain can you bear
Until you’re broken?
Wounds become infected
Stench of death appears
Deep within the basement
No one hears your cries!

Instinct to eat
Instinct to fuck
Instinct to kill
Instinct to hurt
Instinct to main
Instinct to rape
Duct taped and raped
Stripped down and cut
I watch you bleed

Paralyzed in anguish
Mummified with fear
You feel no pain
The end is near

Losing touch with reality
Your hope is lost
You yearn to be dead
Remain… alive

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