Qreview! Wayne Static – Pighammer

Wayne Static comes back with something more deep, more thoughtful and more progressive. Pighammer is a look into the evolution of Wayne Static. Not really, Pighammer is a Static-X album: more “evil disco”!! The riffs are chunky and think, like a bowl of beef stew. Tasty and leaving you gassy. The vocals are classic Wayne Static, raspy high growling. With Tony not in the mix, there are no low vocals on this album. Also, with Koichi gone as well there are a lack of solo’s on the album. With that said though, it’s still quality Static-X music. Electronic presence with great rhythm guitar work.

Pighammer is definitely nothing new or innovative. With Wayne being the creative force behind the project it’s basically the same stuff he has churned out for 10 years. Static-X fans will love this, if you are not a fan of that then this may not work for you either. This album does feel sexier though. Some of the electronic parts and feminine vocals put out a “let’s get fucked up and fuck all night” vibe…which is odd now that Wayne is “sober” from all of that craziness.

Pighammer is heavy and raw. It’s a mix of Wisconsin Death Trip, Shadow Zone and Cult of Static. Elements from those 3 albums are definitely present on this album. Which is good because those 3 album are really good. Songs like Chrome Nation and Thunder Invader bring some of the heaviest riffs on the album, as well as interestingly done electronic work. I love the ending of Thunder Invader, it end with a creepy little ambient noise and a dance beat over it….done well and it’s not too in your face. Wayne Static provides us with some great evil disco beats.

She and The Creatures Are Everywhere are great songs with Wayne doing a different, softer vocal style on them. Just talking on one and almost a whisper on the other. There are fast parts on this album, just like any Static-X album…then there are some slower and shall I say more doom parts on it.

Pighammer brought it. With some of the finer elements from past Static-X albums mixed with a newer and more focused Wayne Static. This was definitely one of those album I had to build up to. Upon first listening…I didn’t care for it….then I liked it….then I liked it more…and now I have parts stuck in my head and I love the album. Wayne should be proud of himself, after all of these years he can still manage to keep me interested in such simple music. He is crafty at what he does and everything he puts out never ceases to amaze me. Enjoy, Pighammer. Even though I hate the album name…

Pros: excellent quality: production and music are great. Music is catchy and heavy.

Cons: Fans of Static-X will love it. If you’re not a fan then you’ll probably hate it.

4.5 out of 5

Fav Tracks: Assassin’s of Youth, Thunder Invader, Static Killer, She, Chrome Nation, Shifter, Slave, The Creatures Are Everywhere, Behind the Sky

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