NERGAL: THE RETURN TO THE STAGE (BEHEMOTH – Poznan, Poland – October 8th, 2011)

Adam (Nergal) Darski has returned to the stage and kicking ass with Behemoth once again!! Yesterday in Poznan, Poland marked Nergal’s first live set since his battle with Leukemia. The setlist was no small task either: 17 songs is how they decided to return. Opening with Ov Fire and the Void, blazing through Demigod, Antichristian Phenomenon, and Slaves Shall Serve before finally ending with their epic track: Lucifer.

From what I hear, the show was amazing and Nergal’s voice was as powerful as ever. I am sincerely thankful Behemoth is back doing what they do best, kicking the asses of fans live. Welcome back, Nergal.

View the set list of the show HERE.


In case you haven’t seen it, here is the latest music video for their song, Lucifer.

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